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Disclaimer: Financial Aid Student Employment
Before we can allow you to see the details of financial aid student employment jobs, you must agree to the following disclaimer: The positions included in this job listing are available for students awarded with Financial Aid Student Employment. These job listings also include off campus community service opportunities in the Lowell Area. You must be enrolled fulltime in a degree granting program, with an approved award. If you were selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, all paperwork must be completed and processed by the Financial Aid Office before you can be hired into a job. You must have completed I9 and W4 paperwork on file before you can be hired in to a position.

While the Student Employment Office has met with off campus employers to assess these opportunities we advise students to use caution and common sense when applying for any position with an outside organization. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation. Even the best job opportunity is not worth jeopardizing your personal safety.

You MUST have a current Work-Study/Campus Work award and an unearned award balance to be eligible for the job. If you meet these criteria, please click “I agree”.

Disclaimer: Departmental Job
Before we can allow you to see the details of on-campus departmental jobs, you must agree to the following disclaimer. These jobs are working for various on campus departments. They are limited in number, and are available to any degree seeking students currently enrolled each semester. These jobs go quickly, the Student Employment Office is not responsible for availability by the time you apply. If you meet these criteria, please click “I agree”.

On Campus Weekend/Evening Employment